Two beautiful words… Sample Sale


I don’t usually post this late, but just thought I’d let all you beautiful people out there who love The Ragged Priest (like I do) know that there is an online Sample Sale tomorrow… so no pushing, no shoving… just gorgeous garms at crazily low prices.

Florals and fringing galore! It’s a dream.

Peace and Love and Sample Shopping x

May Birthday Beauty BARGAINS from The Body Shop


Today, after work, I decided to take a little trip to The Body Shop to buy some BB cream and some more Peach body butter (because it smells way too dreamy) and I ended up… (OK, with more than I went in for – oops!) with all this… for only £30!

And being The Body Shop, that is an absolute bargain, not to mention, all the products are delicious.

So I will tell you a little bit how it went… (so if you have a May birthday – get involved!!)

  • The new Instablur and BB cream together were £20… because instablur is their new primer that has just been released
  • I also thought I’d grab some powder (because I’m naughty) and wanted completely flawless skin
  • I then trotted over to the all the body butters and body mists… and popped them in my basket and skipped over to the till, expecting to have over-indulged and emptied my purse

But then this happened at the till…

I was asked if I had a Body Shop card, to which I replied no – as normally these are annoying to fill out and don’t save you much.

But the till assistant told me that with a Body Shop card, it was 30% off today – so if I bought one (for £5) I’d have already saved money…

So I said “OK” and signed up.

She then told me that because I’d spent over £20, I could get a free body butter… but I already had one, so asked to get that one free. Great another saving. 

She also said that I could get a free eye gel. Brilliant.

Finally, I was told that with the card, you can get £5 off on your birthday month… Luckily for me… it’s my Birthday month!

So with all my savings… £29.05 – AMAZING.

I SAVED £24.45 !!!

So girlies with May Birthdays who are wishing to smell and look incredible for an absolute bargain… Head to The Body Shop! 🙂

Peace and Love and Smell and Look DELICIOUS x

Lets look beautiful and spend a little less…


I would wear Free People clothes (above) all the time if I could. But these amazing clothes come at a price…

So today I’m finding some cheap as chips alternatives that will make you look just as free and beautiful as the models from Free People. All you will be missing is the desert…

This photo from the Free People blog caught my eye, because I absolutely love the blouse that she is wearing… but at $148, one can only dream. My birthday has just gone, so it doesn’t look hopeful.

So, I thought I’d have a little skim of the internet and find out what other less expensive blouses are on offer for people like me who are dreaming of being Free People…

Ellie Boho Print Wrap Front Blouse £18 Boohoo – This boho blouse is very pretty and will look gorgeous with some brown boots (copying the Free People photo above!) Personally, I’d buy it a little larger than my actual size because I think blouses like this look better when they are a bit large and floaty, more dress like… But each to their own! With the money you’d save from buying this item, maybe you could try and get a flight to a desert! – You never know!

Tilly Oversized Contrast Panel Tunic Top £12 Boohoo – This is another favourite at only £12! I love the print on this and the detail. Although short sleeved (and quite different to the picture above) this would look gorgeous at a festival with some boots and shorts.

EMBROIDERED SMOCK BLOUSE BY KATE MOSS FOR TOPSHOP £60 Topshop – OK, so being slightly naughty (but you are paying for the embellishment on this one!) this gorgeous blouse by Kate Moss is such a winner. The embellishment really stands out and will make you sparkle in the sunshine! Great festival item and guess what…. machine washable! What more could you want?!

TASSEL FEATHER PRINT BLOUSE BY KATE MOSS FOR TOPSHOP £75 Topshop – I just had to edit this one in as although the most expensive… I think I am in love. There’s a possibility I even prefer this one to the one on the Free People blog… So well done Kate Moss!

You could even buy all four!

Happy pretty boho blouse shopping 🙂


Who made your pants?


A year ago yesterday, on the 25th of May 2013, my lovely and beautiful sister got married. So firstly, happy anniversary for yesterday Fran. 🙂

As a present for being a bridesmaid, she got me a year’s worth of pants from WHO MADE YOUR PANTS?

WHO MADE YOUR PANTS? is a lingerie brand based in Southampton that employs wonderful women who have had a bit of a hard time, to make wonderful pants like these…


So ever since the very special day that my sister got married, I have received a beautifully wrapped pair of gorgeous handmade pants every single month. And now, I have so many pairs of these amazing pants, that every day can be a good pants day. And wearing special pants, really does make you feel that little bit more invincible!

Not only does this company make gorgeous pants, they are the friendliest people I’ve ever been in contact with and if you contact them with a question or a problem, they are more than happy to help and their happy responses will put a smile on your face!

So this post is to persuade all the girls out there to buy a pair (or a few!) of these special pants, because supporting this campaigning lingerie brand, you can create jobs for these inspirational women.

Peace and Love and Pants


Made with a little LOVE


My lovely sister gave me a Nexus 7 for my birthday (which I am using to blog on right now) and I have been concerned about taking it anywhere with me because I haven’t yet bought a case for it! But then I remembered that a while ago I took a sewing class which taught me to make these little bags (above). As I could only make these at the time I made a few in different materials with different ribbons, and wasn’t really sure what I could use them for… Until now. They fit my Nexus perfectly! Obviously not a very hard wearing case but they will stop scratching and look so pretty.

Perfectly pretty temporary fix.

Peace an love x


Brighten things up with Spangled


So as you probably know, I’m a bit of a fan of colour and fun when it comes to summer styling…
I came across Spangled when I was browsing for fun things to wear at festivals and I absolutely fell in love with their sunglasses.

All handmade to order, these shades make quite a statement and Spangled also do some amazing printed bodysuits, dresses and swimwear for anyone wishing to stand out a little from the crowd.

The sunglasses above are the Gummy Bear Shades and my absolute favourite, because what is not to like about these beauties! Round and very on trend, these multicoloured frames will offer something a bit different to a summer’s day!

I definitely recommend having a browse of the Spangled site – they have some crazily cool, weird and wonderful products which are all a treat for the eyes!

… And they have a new website and new prints coming soon so stay tuned!

Peace and Love x

Feeling pretty Vegucated…

Chipotle Grilled Tofu Tostadas

I recently watched a documentary called Vegucated, which was about making people aware of the cruel way many animals are treated before being slaughtered, so that humans can eat meat or dairy products daily. It was a bit of an eye-opener and I’ve decided to slightly re-assess my diet and try and be vegan for a bit…
There are many health benefits that come with being vegan, so I’m going to test it out and see whether I feel happier and healthier. So far today, I’ve eaten lots of fruit, some Vegan bars that I bought and some crispbreads and houmous… and I’ve drunk a lot of green tea – as usual! If you’re thinking of becoming vegan, these bars from Nakd. are yummy! Image My friend who is vegetarian and vegan one day a week said that Waitrose do Pesto tofu, which is apparently amazing, so I’m going to give that a go! 🙂 Stay happy and healthy, Peace and Love x

For the love of bumbags


Bumbags are such a great invention… I’m so glad that a bag so perfectly practical came back in to fashion. I love this one from Asos (above) in brown and black. I’m such a huge fan of fringing and tassels at the moment – I think it gives things a bit of pretty hippy-ness about them! I also like the fact that it’s real leather, because it’s all about QUALITY – everyone needs a hard-wearing bag that will last them through thick and thin – so worth an investment!

But, if you are looking for something a bit less plain and a little more quirky (and I’m a massive fan of lots of crazy colour) then look no further…


These beauties from Urban Outfitters are not only practical, but look absolutely awesome. I love the print and colours on all three of these and they will definitely jazz up a plain outfit. Perfect for skipping around in the summer sun!

Stay happy 🙂

Peace and love x

Peachy T-shirt Dress styling ideas – Ragged Priest




The top image is taken from the Ragged Priest Facebook page because I think her blue dip dye looks awesome with the T-shirt dress. I actually bought the (above) Peachy T-shirt dress from the Ragged Priest, which I love, but I haven’t really been sure how to wear it/what to wear it with. However, after seeing that post on their Facebook page I’m so tempted to go all out and buy some hair chalk to put in when I wear it! It might be a bit statement, but I have blonde hair now so may as well make the most and colour it pink!

Anyway, that hair chalk looks a cool colour and is only £5.99 from Superdrug so may be worth an experimental purchase!

I am loving The Ragged Priest at the moment, they also do some awesome tie dye shorts than I’m sooo tempted by!

Everybody get involved with hair chalk and make the world more colourful 🙂

Peace and Love x


Keeping up with the crochet…

Keeping up with the crochet...

This is another photo taken from (obviously) my favourite blog/site/online clothes shop – Free People.

I never used to be a massive fan of crochet, but I’ve been seeing it everywhere recently! And when I think about it, I can see why it’s such a great summer trend!

It looks pretty…. you can wear it with everything…. you can where it over swimwear…. you won’t get too hot in it…. the list goes on and on.

I’ve been having a little browse for some nice (and cheapish!) crochet items so here we go:
(I’ve found some BEAUTIES!)

Kiera Crochet Knit Strappy Top £20 (Boohoo)
Seriously who could tell the difference between this and something from Free People?! It’s soooo prettyyyy, the circular design looks gorgeous and it’s nice and strappy, ready for summer festival days!

Crochet Shorts £24 (Topshop)
How cute are these!? Easy to wear with a simple tee or strap top… my only concern is festival grass stains!

Lucca Couture Crochet Shift Dress £47.59 (NastyGal)
Ok, so a little more pricey… but definitely a favourite! Really pretty detailing and simple to wear, no need to dress it up.

All you need to worry about now girls is the grass stains! – Or you could take note of the photo and buy some colourful crochet!

Peace and Love x