The Richmond Night Market, whales and a cheese flavoured potato spiral 

Vancouver: Part 2 

After my UBC mates had departed and new people moved in to their dorm beds, I began to feel like it was my bedroom and these were my guests… I’d normally ask where they were from and why they were visiting Vancouver but the majority had been on trips to Whistler and Banff (a place I didn’t know much about at the beginning but people RAVED about it… To me it was a mysterious place with a funny name but I acted like I knew more!) Turns out Banff looks and sounds incredible and I wish I went to, so if you are going to Canada, plan better than I did!

That said, I would not change anything about those 5 days apart from I would have extended them! The day of my university crew’s departure I booked myself on to a whale watching tour through the hostel but the weather hadn’t been great so far so was a bit apprehensive about paying $150 for the trip when I didn’t think I’d see any whales (a girl I’d met previously said she saw none). I had also annoyed myself by panic buying the lunch that the whale watching boat provided, rather than being savvy and bringing my own. The guy that worked at the hostel had booked the trip on the phone in front of me and I always make the wrong decisions when rushed, so paid $10 for a rubbish sandwich and a couple of cookies. However, the actual whale watching was incredible. We saw two transient orcas and a humpback whale!! After watching Blackfish on Netflix, and becoming obsessed with Orcas, to see them in the wild literally made my life. 

The night following the departure of my university crew, a new girl moved in to my room from the UK who’d been traveling around the US before coming to Canada. As I’d been pretty unsuccessful trying to get an invitation to go on any adventures with a few of the new girls in my room, feeling a little disheartened assuming I’d be either dining alone or sleeping that evenung, a new girl moved in. She was from the UK, really friendly and invited me to go with her and a friend to the Richmond Night Market, which so far I knew nothing about. (Obviously I accepted the invite.) 

The Richmond Night Market is a weird and wonderful place. It is filled with Asian Food Stalls and other Stalls selling stuff you never knew you needed until you were blinded by the lights of the market. I would definitely recommend a visit but if you buy a spiral potato thing (they are really popular) on a stick, don’t get the cheese flavour. Just trust me on that.

Peace and Love from little Buck 


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