Oh Bali, I love you.

Amongst my top 3 places that I travelled was the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

I’d heard incredible things about Bali before going there, but I didn’t think I’d fall in love with it as much as I did. After flying in to the sweaty hustle and bustle of Denpasar, I was relieved to begin my Bali journey in the much more tranquil, cultural and crafty town of Ubud. Surrounded by Bali’s iconic rice fields, Ubud has so much to offer. As well as it’s incredible landscapes there’s plenty to do, such as eating at one of Ubud’s healthy organic cafes, visiting the Monkey Forest or checking out the local Art.

As cultural as I like to be, I do have a guilty pleasure… Pizza. And on that note, we found an absolute gem in Umah Pizza. I won’t bang on too much about pizza when I’m writing about Bali, but if you happen to be in Bali craving a pizza, get yourself down to Umah’s!

One of the best ways to really explore Bali is going on a tour (in a taxi). We booked our driver in Ubud and as a lover of waterfalls I asked if he would take us to see one (not originally in the set tour). It was a fairly long journey (a couple of hours north) but we finally reached GitGit Twin waterfall, which was absolutely beautiful. As Agung, our driver, picked us up early, we managed to get to the waterfall when it was completely empty and enjoy some time swimming before other people began to arrive.


There were a few other places that we visited on the tour including some of Bali’s stunning rice fields – I cannot even describe the colours and charm of the scenery as my words won’t do it justice. We had lunch and coffee overlooking the fields in a little Balinese restaurant and the views were just incredible. We also visited our driver, Agung’s home and drank fresh coconuts that his Uncle gave us, which tasted amazing and was such a great addition to the day.

I could write about Bali literally all day, but I’ll save some (and my favourite part!) for next time. It is the most amazing, beautiful and serene place, especially when you explore a bit deeper away from the more touristy areas.

Peace, love and waterfalls all day long



The London Dream (part 1) Limbo

After recovering from Glastonbury and St. Paul’s carnival in Bristol, I headed to London on the 8th July to stay with my friend for a few days and then my sister…
As a birthday present my lovely friend Em bought me tickets for her and I to go and see a show at the Udderbelly festival at South bank. She surprised me with the show, Limbo… I had no idea what to expect and from the name it’s quite hard to predict what it would be like…


The performers were beyond incredible. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for people who might see it in the future, but I never thought that the human body was actually capable of moving in those ways. And whilst being completely stunned at the way the cast effortlessly pulled off these incredible moves, they also made it funny and quirky. There was not a boring moment. I could watch that show over and over again and every time be absolutely amazed (and extremely jealous I do not share that talent or have a body like that!) Lots of fire beautiful costumes, topless men and another level of flexibility and precision. What more could you ask for from a show?

Accompanied by great company and a lot of wine, that is my first priceless highlight of living my own little London dream.

I will do a few more London installments shortly…

Peace love and limbo x

The talented and beautiful, Julianna Romano

sleepy mountainsohhdeer_ovall

Known to me as my cute little Julccu, Julianna Romano is an extremely talented illustrator/image maker.

“Her work is inspired by people, places and stories. The symbolic interpretation of these takes the form of unconventional, uncanny landscapes, which reflect her love of pattern and hand-drawn textures.”

Julianna’s quirky prints are available as tees to buy online at ohhdeer.com (which I highly recommend as they are so very lovely!) and her prints also appear on various merchandise such as Iphone cases, pillows and mugs available from Society6.

I absolutely love the Sleepy Mountains mug (above), it’s the cutest design (just like her!) and would make a beautiful present for that sleepy somebody or dedicated tea-drinker!

Her adorable illustrations reflect her bubbly personality and make gorgeous gifts.

Peace and Love and so much talent!