A wine glass… made of GLITTER… what more could a girl want?

Since I last blogged, I have moved back to Bournemouth for University and am currently settling in with my gorgeous housemates in our little, girly, homely flat. I just wanted to write a short post about a flat warming gift that one of my housemates gave to me, as it is right up my street and definitely put a smile on my face after hours of lugging suitcases to my room in our upstairs flat!

She bought us each a wine glass from a company called Glittery Glass. They make glass products and (as the name suggests) cover them in glitter! As I am a massive girl when it comes to things like this, it made an amazing present! If you are a girly girl who likes the odd glass of wine 😉 or are looking for a present for someone, I strongly recommend checking out the Facebook page for some glittery treats!

Follow Glittery Glass on Instagram too!

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(And as seen above, my other housemate cooks me TASTY meals so I’ve hit the jackpot with these girls!)

Peace and Love and Glittery Glasses


Sparkly day



For those of you that don’t know Spanglewear, there are just too many sparkly and colourful delights on this website. So many sequins to brighten up anybody’s bad day!

I have a feather headdress from this website (the pink one to be precise) and I absolutely love it. It’s beautifully made and perfect for festival fancy dress or anyone who loves to dress up (And who doesn’t love dressing up?!)

But the fur hoods on this website are my absolute favourite. I have had so many compliments on my green and gold heart hood with brown fur, so I thought I’d share with the world just where I purchased it from. They are so snuggly and also just look AWESOME.

Because I’m a big fan of gold and silver, this one is one of my favourites that Spanglewear does at the moment!