Urban Outfitters Dreamy Playsuit



Style of the day…

Finally, the sun is here! This week has been gorgeous on the weather front, which makes me very excited to crack out the summer wardrobe! As you can see, I’ve recently had a balayage on my hair – blonder for summer! And I love it. Because I’ve got dark features, the roots match my face, but the softer lighter ends make it so much more summery looking.

I love this playsuit I bought from Urban Outfitters, by Silence + Noise (£39). I bought it a while ago and wore it with tights and boots, but now the sun is shining, it looks great with bear legs! It’s plain, so can easily be glammed up with jewellery to make an impact, but can also be worn casually. The style of the back is slightly drapey and crosses over to show a bit of skin. It’s so versatile, you can literally style it however you fancy.

Also wearing a bag and denim jacket from Topshop and black ankle boots from Primark. Loving denim jackets at the moment!

I’ve braided my hair in a French plait around my face, leading down in to a normal braid – I’m loving experimenting with styles from Pinterest at the moment. My balayage means that you can really see the detail in the styles.

Peace and love and summer style x



Or even wear it through to the evening with a bit of bright lipstick (Rimmel – Kate Moss is my absolutely fave!)


Peachy T-shirt Dress styling ideas – Ragged Priest




The top image is taken from the Ragged Priest Facebook page because I think her blue dip dye looks awesome with the T-shirt dress. I actually bought the (above) Peachy T-shirt dress from the Ragged Priest, which I love, but I haven’t really been sure how to wear it/what to wear it with. However, after seeing that post on their Facebook page I’m so tempted to go all out and buy some hair chalk to put in when I wear it! It might be a bit statement, but I have blonde hair now so may as well make the most and colour it pink!

Anyway, that hair chalk looks a cool colour and is only £5.99 from Superdrug so may be worth an experimental purchase!

I am loving The Ragged Priest at the moment, they also do some awesome tie dye shorts than I’m sooo tempted by!

Everybody get involved with hair chalk and make the world more colourful 🙂

Peace and Love x