May Birthday Beauty BARGAINS from The Body Shop


Today, after work, I decided to take a little trip to The Body Shop to buy some BB cream and some more Peach body butter (because it smells way too dreamy) and I ended up… (OK, with more than I went in for – oops!) with all this… for only £30!

And being The Body Shop, that is an absolute bargain, not to mention, all the products are delicious.

So I will tell you a little bit how it went… (so if you have a May birthday – get involved!!)

  • The new Instablur and BB cream together were £20… because instablur is their new primer that has just been released
  • I also thought I’d grab some powder (because I’m naughty) and wanted completely flawless skin
  • I then trotted over to the all the body butters and body mists… and popped them in my basket and skipped over to the till, expecting to have over-indulged and emptied my purse

But then this happened at the till…

I was asked if I had a Body Shop card, to which I replied no – as normally these are annoying to fill out and don’t save you much.

But the till assistant told me that with a Body Shop card, it was 30% off today – so if I bought one (for £5) I’d have already saved money…

So I said “OK” and signed up.

She then told me that because I’d spent over £20, I could get a free body butter… but I already had one, so asked to get that one free. Great another saving. 

She also said that I could get a free eye gel. Brilliant.

Finally, I was told that with the card, you can get £5 off on your birthday month… Luckily for me… it’s my Birthday month!

So with all my savings… £29.05 – AMAZING.

I SAVED £24.45 !!!

So girlies with May Birthdays who are wishing to smell and look incredible for an absolute bargain… Head to The Body Shop! 🙂

Peace and Love and Smell and Look DELICIOUS x