Selfridges “The Beauty Project”


This project was started to encourage all definitions of beauty, which I definitely think should be celebrated.

Selfridges started the project, which will involve a six week programme of pioneering talks and interactive debates, to get people talking about their different definitions of beauty.

As re-touching and Photoshopping has become a total norm in the fashion and beauty industry, real beauty has become one of the most controversial topics of the moment.

So everybody should share and get involved in this beautiful and interesting campaign and share their views about real beauty.

Selfridges – The Beauty Project

Peace and Love x

I need this face in my life every day


I know I usually blog about clothes, but have gone home for bank holiday weekend and saw this little cutie at home and my heart filled with mush and I needed to capture her cuteness.

I challenge you to find a cuter dog… because believe me, you won’t.

I need this face in my life every day. Who could be sad with this little thing in their life?!

Big love to my gorgeous Olive x