Bikes, Speedboats, and turning your cap backwards

The day after the Richmond Night Market, my new friend, Danielle and I went down to breakfast in the hostel. It was Sunday and my plans consisted of a run or cycle around Stanley Park as I hadn’t been to see it yet, whilst Danielle was going to Granville Island on a tour with the hostel. I started chatting to this guy at breakfast who shared my vision of the day and we decided to rent bikes and cycle the Seawall around the edge of Stanley Park. Renting bikes for a couple of hours was fairly inexpensive at about 20 Canadian dollars per person and was definitely worth it! My new pal was called Abe, was English/Vietnamese; a very friendly guy who had just come back from a trip to the notorious Banff, which he definitely made me believe was one of the coolest places ever. If only I had longer! If anyone is planning to go to Canada, 5 days is not enough; although I did enjoy a snapshot of the incredible adventures that it has to offer. 

In the afternoon, Abe had wanted to visit Bowen island so we planned to see how long it’d take us to get there. We went to get some information and the member of staff that helped us said that the best way to see this island in the time that we had (an afternoon) would be to rent a speedboat… so obviously we jumped at the chance. In Canada, to rent a speedboat, you dont need a boat license… You don’t even need a driving license! It was about a 30 minute bus journey to Horseshoe bay from near the Waterfront seabus terminal. To rent the boat cost around 90 Canadian dollars for an hour and a half (split between two) but you could have up to 4 people on the boats. Plus it was worth every penny! 

Abe and I agreed that when you’re driving a speedboat, it’s a backwards cap kind of moment so here’s me trying to look cool and trying not to capsize the boat at the same time… I find it hard trying to look cool at the best of times so this was a difficult task.

Love and Peace, 

Rose xxxx